How To Start Running At 50+

Think you're too old to start running at 50 plus? It's time to rethink your attitude to age! Many people are taking up running in middle age and challenging perceptions of what's possible.

You can get fitter and regain muscle mass at any age. It may take a little longer compared with younger runners but it's definitely possible.

When you're a new runner at 50 plus it's important to build up your running slowly. If you haven't exercised in years - start with a walking plan.

Building strength is important for all new runners but especially if you're 50+. Bodyweight strength exercise will help protect against injury.

Invest In Some Good Shoes

When you're older your joints need some extra protection against the impact of running - so invest in some good shoes. Visit an independent running store for advice.

Follow A Suitable Training Plan

It can take at least 3 weeks before running starts to feel easier so make sure you follow a plan aimed at beginners. Couch to 5K is a good place to start.

It can be a lot easier sticking to a training plan if you have a friend to run with - even furry ones are good company!

Join A Running Club Or Find A Friend To Run With

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