How To Run Your First 50K Ultramarathon

A 50K ultramarathon is 31.07 miles. Just 5 miles longer than a marathon distance. Sounds easy enough?

Maybe if you're running on a flat road course. You can finish those extra 5 miles by just digging a little deeper.

You’ll need strong legs and ankles, knowledge of how to navigate and stay safe on the trails, a completely new running wardrobe, and a whole new attitude to race food.

A Trail Ultramarathon Is Completely Different

Run 50K On Roads

Add some extra distance to your marathon training schedule. You can adjust a marathon plan to a 50K training plan by adding 10 to 15% extra weekly mileage or training time.

It's a significant challenge. A trail ultra can include steep hills, mastering uneven terrain and there can be long sections between aid stations. Some races even start in the middle of the night!

50K Trail Race

Train On The Trails

Get some specific trail running shoes and train on the trails. Find some other more experienced runners to train with and get used to navigating and running on uneven surfaces.

All trail races involving running up and down hills so get some practice! Often it's better to walk up steep hills instead of running.

Learn To Love Hills

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