How To Run Longer Without Getting Tired

How do some runners manage to make it look so easy? When you’re new to running it can seem hard enough just running around the block!

Even experienced runners can hit an impasse when trying to increase distance. Being in good shape isn’t enough.

Best Tips – How To Run Without Getting Tired

Pace yourself. Many runners set off too fast, especially in a race. Your pace needs to reflect the distance you’re trying to run. That first mile should feel slow!

Pace Yourself To Run Longer Without Getting Tired

This makes me great at long distances, but you’d have to stick a very hungry bear behind me to make me set off running at a sprint.

Plan your level of perceived exertion before you start running. It will help you to slow down at the start of your run.

Don’t Start Out Too Hard If You Want To Run Longer

Preparation Is Key For Longer Runs

Longer runs take some planning and preparation. You may pull off a half marathon on little training but for longer distances, you need a training plan.

You may be running to lose weight, but setting off on a long run without the fuel your body needs will just be a miserable experience.

Fuel Your Body If You Want To Run Longer

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