How To Run Faster (Tips To Achieve Your Best Times)

If you’re a non-competitive runner look away. Some people are able to run purely for enjoyment. For the rest of us hunker down for the ins and outs of “How to run faster”.

Most runners will agree racing is fun. It may be Type 2 fun, where the pleasure comes from completing the race, not the lung-bursting effort out on the course.

- Evaluate your training - Build a solid running base - Add speedwork - Get stronger - Find some competition - Work on your flexibility

Tips On How To Run Faster

What Type Of Runner Are You?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all training plan for running faster. Everyone is at different starting points with varying abilities.

As a beginner runner, the first step is to build your base. Here the focus is on building a solid running habit over your first 6 to 12 months.

Are You A Beginner Runner?

Do You Run Regularly?

Let’s be realistic here – there’s no point talking about how to run faster if you’re not putting in the training. To be a faster runner, you need a good running base.

Your approach to running faster depends on the end goal. Targeting a fast marathon and a typical training schedule adds in tempo runs and 800m intervals.

What Are Your Goals?

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