9 Tips To Run A Faster Mile In Just 4 Weeks

Being able to run a fast mile can make a big difference to your performance as a runner. Your mile time is relevant even if you’re a marathon or ultra-distance runner.

If you can run a fast mile, any other pace seems easier. That's a big help if you're running long distance such as a marathon.

Running Fast Is Hard So a lot of runners will try and avoid it. But when you find the courage and determination to work on your speed, you’ll love the results.

TIP 1 - Build A Good Foundation You need a solid running base before you add speed.

TIP 2 - Keep The Intervals Short

200 and 400m interval sessions mixed up with even shorter bursts of speed.

TIP 3 - Increase Your Leg Speed

Add strides to your workouts to increase your leg turnover (cadence)

The key to good form is strength, speed, and a good range of movement in your hip flexors. Adding running drills as part of your warm-up can help.

Tip 4 - Improve Your Running Form

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