How To Pick The Best Rain Jacket For Running

If it's warm you can run in the rain without a jacket and just get wet. But that's not an option in cold weather or on mountain trails where being soaked through can be dangerous with a hypothermia risk.

So what should you look for when you're being a waterproof jacket? It really depends on its use - road or trail, cold or warm weather, short runs or long.

Does Your Jacket Need To Be Waterproof?

Running fast on the roads generates a lot of sweat. A fully waterproof jacket isn't very breathable and if it's hot or you're running fast, you'll soon overheat.

Trail Running

Most of the time when you're trail running it's best to carry a fully waterproof jacket for safety. Just in case you get caught out. On  roads you can get by with a water-resistant jacket.

A Good Hood Makes All The Difference

If a jacket is going to keep you dry it needs a good hood. The best are fitted and adjustable - not everyone has the same sized head!

The Cut Is Important

A jacket for running should allow movement. Some of the best running jackets are made from stretch fabric so there are no restrictions when you run.

It Needs To Be Packable

When the rain stops your running jacket get packed away. The best jackets take up very little room in your running pack or race vest.

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