How To Get In Shape

It’s a sad fact but you can’t get in shape by just sitting on the couch and thinking about it.

Diets don’t work, or not unless you watch what you eat forever in an effort to avoid the weight gain rebound.

What’s Your Inspiration To Get In Shape?

This can be anything from: - Squeezing into the wedding dress you optimistically bought. - Being able to run up a flight of stairs without keeling over.

Ditch The Diets

The truth about most diets is they work for a limited period. As soon as you hit your goal weight and the diet ends, the pounds pile back on.

It’s better to make one small change at a time. Stop chasing perfection. Instead, celebrate the small gains.

Make One Small Change At A Time

Get In Shape By Moving

There’s no point making the same mistake over and over. If you hate going to the gym, find a different way of exercising.

There are the new friends you make when you join a yoga class. Or the huge welcome you get when you pluck up the courage to head out with your local running group.

Find Your Supporters

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