How To Buy A Warm Winter Coat

If you're going to spend a lot of time outdoors this winter you need a coat that's really warm - not just for show.  Your average high street coat won't cope with winter walks or standing on touchlines.

Look for a coat with good insulation and fully waterproof with sealed seams if you want to stay warm and dry.


Down has the warmest insulation properties but there are huge differences in quality. Look for fill power of at least 550 - the higher the number the better.

Synthetic insulation has improved considerably over the years and it's now almost as warm as down. That's good news for anyone looking for a vegan friendly coat.

Fill Weight

Fill weight is the amount of down in your coat. It's just as important as down quality. The more down the better for warmth. It's the same with synthetic insulation - the more the better to keep you toasty.


If it rains a lot where you live you need a fully waterproof coat with waterproof sealed seams. Don't buy a water-resistant coat by mistake - it's not the same and you'll be wet through by the time you get home!

Check The Details

A coat is an investment so make sure it has everything you want - warm hand pockets, deep cuffs, a good hood and a quality zip that won't break.

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