How To Become A Better Runner

Becoming a better runner is about more than ticking off items on a checklist – intervals, strength training, increasing mileage… I’ve seen people do all these things and still fail to improve.

It's about having a winning mindset. If you want to improve your times, win races or break records you have to know what success looks like.

What are you trying to achieve? What are other people doing to get there?

Act Like A Better Runner Hang onto the coat tails of the top runners in your group or club. Do what they do.

Don't Set Limiting Beliefs

“So and so is just talented.” Yeah maybe they are but that talent is just a small part of their success. It’s the hard work and consistency that gets results.

Train Harder And Smarter

Do the sessions that hurt but be smart - rest when your body needs it.

Gradually build the strength and muscles you need to train hard without getting injured.

Change Your Body

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