How To Be Fit (A Guide For Beginners)

Fitness makes a real difference to being healthy. Being fit will make you feel better.

It’s possible to get fit even if you haven’t exercised in years. It’s small consistent changes to how you eat and exercise that add up to make a big difference.

How To Get Fit – Step #1 Find Your Inspiration

You need a reason! It’s not enough to half-heartedly learn how to become fit because your doctor or significant other has been nagging you for years!

Step #2 Eat Better

Chugging down full-sugar coke or reaching for a Big Mac at the end of a run is often enough to wipe out all the calories you’ve burnt exercising.

#3 Exercise

You need to start moving! Find something you enjoy. Do you HATE all forms of exercise and physical activity? I doubt it. You just haven’t found the one thing that’s going to get you motivated.

Step #4 Set A Goal

Even the best plans can go astray and it’s far easier to stay on track if you have a goal. Make sure your goal is: – Really specific. – Sets out how you’re going to achieve your goal.

Step #5 Support

Find a buddy with similar goals, a personal trainer, or a club where you’ll get advice and support.

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