How Often Should You Do Yoga?

A little yoga every day, a vinyasa yoga class once a week, or a structured routine of power yoga sessions several times a week? Which is best? Just how often should you do yoga?

It depends on your reasons for doing yoga. How much yoga and the type of yoga practice depends on what you want to achieve with your yoga journey.

Practicing Yoga As A Beginner

Yoga beginners should aim for a regular practice - once a week, twice a week or even a short daily practice.

Practicing Yoga For Weight Loss

Power yoga or flow yoga will burn the most calories. Practice yoga at least 3 times a week if you want to see results.

Yoga Practice For Mental Health

A little yoga everyday is best for stress and anxiety relief. It only has to be short 10 to 15 min sessions.

Practicing Yoga For Flexibility

If you're using yoga for cross training - perhaps as a runner - one hour long session a week should be enough. Two is better.

If you want to build strength quickly practice 3 times a week. Start with an ashtanga or vinyasa class if you're new to yoga. If you've been practicing for a while, try a power or hot yoga class.

Practice Yoga For Strength

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