Aim to lose one pound a week.

It's better to lose weight gradually and keep it off permanently.

Walking one mile burns 80 to 100 calories.

5 miles a day will burn 3500 calories a week - that's one pound of excess fat!

You don't need to walk 5 miles all in one go.

Split the distance into 2 or 3 short walks.

Walking burns almost as many calories as running.

It's a great way to start if you haven't exercised in years.

Build up your mileage slowly.

Start with just one mile a day.

You don't need any equipment.

Just a comfortable pair of shoes or trainers.

As  you get stronger...

try to increase your walking pace.

You can vary your pace - warm up, then alternate 2 min fast, 2 min normal pace

Make your walks more challenging.

By adding hills!

Stay motivated by walking with friends

And taking the  9-week fat buster walking challenge!