How Many Steps In One Mile?

Average steps in a mile are between 2000 to 2400 for walking and 1000 to 1900 steps for running.

The exact answer depends on average step length, your fitness level, and your walking or running pace.

You can estimate your step length based on your height. One mile can be anything from 1000 to 2400 steps.

Speed makes a big difference to the number of steps. Fast walkers take less steps than slow walkers.

How many calories will you burn in one mile?

Approximately 80 calories per mile walking and 100 calories per mile running.

There are many variables affecting how many calories you burn such as your fitness, your weight, your walking or running efficiency, walking speed, and incline.

A good rule is to always walk or run as fast as possible if you want to maximize calorie burn.

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