How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking Uphill?

Most people find it a lot tougher walking uphill than along the flat - but do you burn extra calories?

Calorie burn walking uphill can be from 50% to 128% higher than walking on the flat.  It depends on walking speed and the steepness of the incline. 

Using a treadmill? Set the incline to 1% and increase in small increments until your pace starts to slow.

Walking Downhill

Made it to the top? Save some energy for the walk back down. Walking downhill burns almost as many calories as walking on the flat.

Walking Workouts

Get the best out of your walking routine by varying your routes and pick out some hills to climb.

#1 Concentrate on good posture – don’t bend over excessively, it’s just going to hurt your back.

Tips To Walk Uphill

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