How Fast Should I Run? Tips To Find The Right Pace

When you run don't compare yourself with your brother, the guy at work who just started running, your neighbor, or the woman who just left you for dead running down the street.

#1 It's not about being competitive. It takes time to build a runner's body. Those muscles need to strengthen and become more efficient. 

#2 Make sure you can talk when you run. That’s the best definition of an easy running pace. It’s the starting point for most beginner running schedules.

#3 Everyone is different Age, weight, gender, and whether you’re already active in other sports, will all affect your running speed.

#4 Easy Paced Runs Help You Burn Body Fat

Lower intensity efforts burn a higher proportion of fat as fuel - so running slowly will still help you reach your body weight goals.

#5 It's Okay To Run/Walk

There’s no shame in taking a walking break. There’s no shame even if you’re an experienced runner!

Most new runners will find themselves naturally running faster as they turn into more efficient running machines. As your body gets stronger, you’ll feel the urge to up the pace.

#6 When To Run Faster

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