How Far Is 10K In Miles?

10K is 6.2 miles. That's twice the length of a 5K race and can feel like a big step up in distance. But if you've already run 5K - a 10K race is the next running challenge.

The hard part as a beginner runner is being able to run continuously. If you can already run 5K without stopping you can build up to running 10K.

What Is A Good Time For A Beginner?

For your first 10K don't worry about how long it takes - just aim to finish. Your time will depend on your age, gender and previous running experience.

A Good 10K Time

For a beginner runners is 50 to 70 minutes. Some runners aim to run a 10K in under an hour but just completing your first 10K is a great achievement.

Average 10K Time

The average finish time for men is 58:30 and for women, it’s 69:40. That's slower than the average half marathon pace - mainly because a 10K is a good distance for beginner runners.

Training Plans

If you're a complete beginner runner start with a Couch to 5K training plan. Make sure you can run a 5K without stopping before you step up to the 10K distance.

A good 10K training plan uses easy runs, speed sessions, a weekly long run, cross training and strength training to get you ready to run 10K.

10K Training

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