Hiking For Beginners (An Essential Guide For The Trails)

Hiking is the best way to explore the great outdoors. The fresh air is good for the soul, helps you switch off from work, and can be your passport to a life of adventure.

This guide for beginners and the experienced hiker hopes to convince you hiking can be accessible and fun for everyone.

How Do You Start Hiking For Beginners?

It’s a big leap of faith setting off on your first hike when you have absolutely no hiking experience.

Guide To Choosing A Trail

There’s no shortage of ideas for hiking trails on social media. All Trails is a great resource or find a hiking guide for the area you want to visit.

Don’t get lost! It’s a really good idea to learn how to use a map and compass. I would say it’s essential once you start hiking on more challenging routes.

Hiking For Beginners, Tips To Stay Safe

Tell someone where you’re going.

Leave your route plan with someone, especially if you’re hiking solo. Technology is good for connecting with rescue services if you’re going to be late.

Cougar attacks are also rare. Double bag your food, never approach, stand tall, and don’t run away.

Wild Animals

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