Heavy Legs When Running? 12 Easy Fixes For Tired Legs!

When you bounce out of the house full of enthusiasm, chuffed that you’re sticking to your training plan, only to find you’re dragging your legs along by the time you get to the end of the street.

Your mind is willing but your legs feel like they’re made out of cement. These “dead legs” are holding you back.

You’re building up your leg muscles and getting stronger but your legs are constantly recovering from the training load.

Why Are My Legs Heavy When Running?

What Causes Heavy Legs When Running?

Even diet, fueling, & lifestyle choices make an impact on how your legs feel when running.

Prioritize recovery It’s important to be as serious about your recovery as you are about training.

12 Ways To Prevent Heavy Legs When Running


Adding a cool-down period after each run helps the gradual recovery to pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure.

Post-run static stretching can improve flexibility and range of motion around a joint. It’s unclear how much it helps prevent muscle soreness.

Static stretching

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