Fitness Goals And How To Achieve Them (7 Realistic Steps)

You’re here because you want to be fit. But how do you define being fitter? Lose some weight, run without getting out of breath, drop a few clothing sizes.

Being vague won’t get results. That’s why you need fitness goals.

What Are Fitness Goals?

A fitness goal is a physical target or challenge you set for yourself.

How To Achieve Fitness Goals

The 7 steps to achieve fitness goals are: - Set Long Term Fitness Goals - Set Intermediate Goals - Measure Progress

Work out what you’re trying to achieve. It could be something obvious such as you’ve entered a race or signed for a challenge.

#1 Set Long Term Fitness Goals

#2 Set Intermediate Goals

Hitting those intermediate goals will show you’re on track for your long-term goals and help with motivation.

Whatever your goals, find a way to measure progress. If you’re not getting the intermediate results you’re looking for, adjust what you’re doing to get there.

#3 Measure Progress

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