Fast Walkers Live Longer (It's Official)

Your walking fitness could mean you'll live longer! Recently studies show that people who walk briskly have a longer life expectancy.

A recent study of almost 475,000 people, found that walking briskly made a bigger difference to life expectancy than BMI or other weight-related measurements!

There are a long list of health benefits when it comes to walking - burning calories, reducing your risk of coronary heart disease, lowering blood sugar levels, boosting energy, improving your mood and strengthen your leg muscles.

There are no downsides to walking.

Walking is the easiest form of exercise and studies now show it's an important indicator of how long you're going to live.

Walk Briskly To Life Longer

A study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2019 showed that walking briskly can increase life expectancy by as much as 15 years in women and 20 years in men.

What Is Brisk Walking?

Brisk walking is defined as walking 3 miles per hour or 100 steps per minute. Most people find this pace easy to maintain.

Studies are only guidelines but being a healthy weight and exercising regularly not only improves your life expectancy, but makes life so much more fun.

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