Easy At Home Exercises

Sometimes going to the gym is an extra effort that stops us from exercising. It can be better to do a quick workout at home than skip your exercise session completely.

These easy at-home exercises need little space and no equipment.

High Knees

This is a good way to warm up and ease yourself into your workout. Start by walking on the spot for one minute, then jog in place for one minute lifting each knee as high as you can.

Nicely warmed up. We’ll go for some lunges. Start standing up with your feet parallel. Take a big step forward with your right leg and bend your right knee as you land.


Let’s get your heart rate going! Start with your hands by your side and jump landing with your legs apart. Raise your hands overhead to meet at the same time.

Jumping Jacks


The trick here is to keep your back straight. With your feet slightly turned out, drop your seat to knee height.

If you don’t have any stairs, find a big book you can use. Alternatively, repeat the high knees exercise. Step up and step down for two minutes or until you run out of steam.

Stair Climbing

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