Does Walking Burn Belly Fat? Truth And Myths

Myth #1 Spot reduction of belly fat

Stop the stomach crunches - you can't spot reduce fat. You can make your stomach muscles stronger but you won't be able to see them if they're covered in a layer of fat.

To burn belly fat you need to reduce your overall fat – you can’t target just one specific area.

The good news is walking is a great way to burn calories and combined with a balanced diet can reduce body fat - including your belly fat.

Myth #2 The fat burning zone

This is the myth that walking in the correct heart rate zone will burn the most fat.

The fat burning zone is between 64 and 76% of your maximum heart rate (MHR)

It's equivalent to moderate intensity physical activity.

Working Hard Burns More Calories

If you exercise at a higher intensity you'll burn more calories in total - your percentage of calories from fat will be less but the total will be higher.

It's the myth that if you exercise before breakfast when your glycogen stores are low you'll burn more fat.

Myth #3 Exercise In A Fasted State

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