Couch To Half Marathon: The Ultimate Training Plan For Beginners

Let me guess, you’ve signed up for a half marathon. Maybe it was a bet, a selfless act to raise money for charity, or a big wake-up call to go from couch to half marathon via a life-changing journey.

Whatever the reason, tell yourself you can do this. All it takes is commitment, time, and of course effort. This isn’t 5k. A half marathon is a big deal – treat the challenge with respect!

How Fit Do You Need To Be?

The half marathon plan starts from zero with run/walk sessions where you alternate running and walking – gradually increasing the run intervals. It eases you into running.

How Long Does It Take?

The standard Couch to Half Marathon Plan takes 16 weeks but there's a 12 week plan if you're already reasonably fit from other sports - or you're rapidly running out of time for your half marathon deadline.

It's Always Best To Train Properly

And get to the finish line in the best possible shape - injury free and ready for your next challenge!

The Plan Is Split Into 3 Sections

Start with Couch to 5K, then progress to a 10K and finally build up to your main target the Half Marathon.

Use Cross Training To Get Fitter

Adding cross training sessions helps you get fitter without risking injury. It's all about training smarter!

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