Can You Wear Jeans For Hiking?

Jeans For Hiking?

In hot weather, a pair of jeans is heavy and sweaty. They can be abrasive to walk in and cause skin chafing, and they’re terrible in the wet. Jeans take forever to dry.

Avoid Wet Jeans

If you hike in jeans you need cool, dry weather. Definitely not wet or cold. Jeans will just soak up any rain and get really heavy – they can even freeze in sub-zero weather.

There’s a genuine risk of hypothermia wearing jeans hiking on cold wet days. On a wet day with cold wind chill wearing jeans  will be an unpleasant and potentially dangerous experience.

Jeans are okay on short day hikes when you're guaranteed good weather. A hike not too far from the trailhead.

Jeans Are Good For BUSHWACKING

Heavyweight denim is practically indestructible. It seems immune to thorns, revels in the dirt and protects your legs against ticks.

When Is HIking In Jeans A Terrible Idea?

If you live somewhere wet. Keep your jeans for hiking in dry cool climates.

What Should You Wear?

Hiking pants or leggings made from quick drying synthetic fabrics are much better for hiking in wet conditions.

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