8 Easy Ways To Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be difficult or even time consuming. Incorporate this branch of yoga into your daily routine to make all the difference.

Learn how to connect with your surroundings, and live fully in the present, with these 8 easy ways to practice mindfulness.

Observe Your Breathing

Take a few moments throughout the day to observe your breathing. A deep breathe in and out can be a mini meditation. Pause several times a day and just breathe.

Practice Mindfulness When Eating

Try just eating without the distractions and focus on the flavors and textures.

Observe your posture and the way your body moves. Walking mindfully will help you feel refreshed and more able to tackle the day ahead.

Walk Mindfully

Use Your Senses

Pause throughout the day. Observe the beauty all around you, how things feel and take in the smells. Be enriched by your senses.

Meditation helps to calm the mind. Sit somewhere quietly in a comfortable position. Focus on your breathing and try to empty your mind of thoughts.

Meditate Daily

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