7 Vegan Summer Salad Recipes (Healthy & Delicious)

It's always easier to eat healthy food in summer when salads are a simple option to prepare. But it's easy to get stuck in a rut turning out the same salad every time - so here are some ideas to freshen up your meal times!

Use fresh local produce and in season fruit and vegetables to create these delicious vegan summer salads!

A colorful simple twist on an avocado salad united by a dill vinaigrette.

Quinoa salad makes a hearty main meal and this salad adds beans for extra protein!

Full of fresh produce, it’s a vegan twist on the classic dish invented by the restauranteur Bob Cobb in 1937.

Another delightful recipe with classic, perfectly seasoned creamy mayo. Simple dressings are often the best!

Who knew that watermelon and tomatoes worked so well together? I certainly didn’t! This vegan recipe provides a perfect refreshing salad for hot summer nights.

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