7 Tips For A Mini Adventure

Sometimes as outdoor lovers we get a little bit stuck in a rut. There may be plans for “the summer holiday” but in between big trips, not so much.

This is why you need a mini adventure…

Just Go

The great thing about mini adventures is you don’t need to over-think them. Wake up early on a Saturday morning, stick a pin in a map and just go. It can be as easy as that.

Travel Light

The lighter the better. If you’re camping overnight, take a bivvy bag. So much lighter to carry than a tent and snug enough for a night or two.

Be Prepared For Bad Weather

It’s always best to be prepared. Weather forecasts can be wrong, you might get stuck somewhere… play it safe and be ready for wet or cold weather.

Do Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do

Explore your mini adventure location with a fresh pair of eyes. Leave inhibitions at home and look for opportunities. Become the Yes Man for a day or two.

You Don’t Need To Go Far

It’s possible to have a mini adventure right on your doorstep. Just head somewhere you’ve never been before. Find a path you’ve never explored and see where it takes you.

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