6 Reasons To Explore Norway By Train In Summer

Norway is notorious for being an expensive place to visit but taking the train with a rail pass can be an affordable option.

Read on for 6 must-do ideas to explore Norway and enjoy a little outdoor adventure!

Take The Bergensbanen

It’s a real feat of engineering and takes in Finse Station at 1,222 m, the highest station on the Norwegian railway system.

Explore Mount Floyan

Bergen on the coast is surrounded by mountains and fjords. Take a trip up Floyen Mountain to enjoy the best views and explore the mountain trails.

Detour To Flam

Stop off at Myrdal on the Bergensbanen and take the Flamsbana (Flam railway) down to Flam on the famous Naeroyfjord. Soak up the views of deep ravines and cascading waterfalls.

Cycle To Rallarvegan

This is the service road built for the construction of the Bergenline. It’s 80 km in length from Haugastol to Flam and usually completed over two days with a night at Finse.

Climb Guastatoppen

Gaustatoppen (1,883 m) is the mountain overlooking Rjukan, a 3 hour train and bus ride from Oslo and the setting of the “Heros of Telemark” film.

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