Are You Ready For 10K?

Are you ready for 10K? Maybe you've just finished your first 5K - so are your ready to step up to the next distance?

To be ready to start training for a 10K race you need to be able to run 5K continuously. It's okay to be slow but if you're still taking walk breaks redo the last part of your 5K training plan.

What's In A 10K Training Plan?

You'll be training 5 days a week: 2 mid-week easy runs 1 long run 1 fartlek speed session 1 cross training session

Most Of Your Running Will Be At An Easy Pace

On Easy runs you should be able to talk and run - otherwise you're running too fast!

Long Run Day

The long run builds stamina and endurance. It's a key session and each week will slowly increase in distance.

Speed Workouts

As a beginner runner it's too early to add hard speed workouts but fartlek is a good way to get your heart rate up and your legs turning over quickly.

Adding other exercises sessions to your training is a great way to become a stronger more resilient runner - and keep you motivated!

Cross Training

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