5 Ways To Make Yoga A Daily Habit

Now we all know you need to make something a regular habit if you’re going to reap the benefits. If you make yoga a daily habit it can make a big difference.

Read on for some tips that actually work to make yoga a daily habit.

Practice As Soon As You Fall Out Of Bed

Practicing yoga first thing in the morning may well set you up for the rest of the day.

This works really well when you’re practicing in the morning. Leaving your mat out next to your bed is a helpful reminder.

Leave Your Mat Out

Of course, not everyone sleeps in pajamas, but if you do, this is a simple trick to hit the mat first thing in the morning.

Sleep In Yoga-Friendly Pyjamas

Leave A Glass Of Water To Hand

Keep a glass of water handy in your room. You can hydrate straight away and have no excuse not to hit the mat.

Following an online class really helps. You can find free classes on YouTube or join an online subscription service.

Take An Online Class

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