5 Ideas For Mountain Adventures In Bolivia

From the minute you step off the plane in La Paz, you'll realise why Bolivia is a haven for mountain lovers. Illimani towers over the city.

For trekking, climbing and mountain biking, Bolivia is an adventure playground. Here are 5 ideas for inspiration...

Cycling The Death Road

The North Yungas Road aka Death Road is that road featured on Top Gear. Make sure you have a bike with good brakes!

Trek To Laguna Chilate

Take a 3-Day round trip trek from Sorata to Laguna Chilate and soak up the views of Illampu.

Mountain Biking Around Sorata

The Bolivian mountains boast some of the best downhill single-track riding in the world, and Sorata can satisfy the most hardened of thrill-seekers.

Climbing Huayna Potosi (6088 m)

If you're looking to bag your first 6000+m peak, Huayna Potosi is a good choice. It's best to go with a mountain guide.

Climbing Illimani (6438 m)

More experienced climbers can tackle Illimani, the mountain that towers over La Paz. Wrap up warm - it's bitterly cold on the summit pre-dawn!

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