47 Tips How To Get Fit (And None Involve The Gym)

There are many ways to get fit and have fun without heading indoors into a gym. Many are free or low cost needing just a small amount of equipment.

When you want to get fit it's best to find an activity you enjoy. That way exercise becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. If you don't think you like exercise - maybe you just haven't found the right activity yet.


Start off with short day hikes. Hike with friends. Try Via Ferrata - ascending mountain cliffs with ladders and iron walkways. Go for a multi-day hike and camp out overnight...


Develop a daily practice. Take some online classes - you can do these anywhere - even on a beach. Go on a yoga retreat. Try aerial yoga where you are suspended from the ceiling.


Go from Couch to 5K and try a Parkrun. Join a running club. Sign up for cross country or try a trail run. Train for a marathon or take part in a relay.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Walk to work. Ask your boss for a standing desk. Take the stairs at every opportunity. Get up early and exercise first thing in the morning. Try a new sport. Sign up for a charity challenge.

Take part in a Zombie race. Try paddle boarding. Discover Tai Chi and practice in your local park. Learn how to canoe. Go potholing. Go for a night hike and tell ghost stories.

Get Fit By Having Fun

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