32 Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits

The trick is to make small changes slowly. If your aim is weight loss, just being a bit fitter, or feeling a bit better, don’t try to be the healthiest eater on the planet from Day 1.

Try making one small achievable improvement at a time and you’ll find yourself on the road to a healthier waistline.

#1 Set A Goal

Goals are ways of keeping yourself accountable. Don’t just guess your efforts are working, set goals and measure your results.

#2 Plan Small Steps

When your small step becomes a habit you can add in the next one. It all adds up to making progress.

Hate taking pictures of yourself? I know – you’re not the only one. It’s still important to have those before pictures. You’re saying to yourself; “I can be better than this”.

#3 Take Your Before Pictures

#4 Get Out The Tape Measure

Being healthy isn’t just a number on the scale. Record your weight, find out what your normal weight should be according to your BMI, but also get out the tape measure.

Stock up on healthy snacks instead. Nuts (go easy on quantities), fruit, carrot sticks. Anything to stop you from reaching for food choices you’ll regret.

#5 Have A Clear Out

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