20 Tips For Running Your First 10K

Running a 10K can be a huge challenge but it's achievable for most beginner runners. You just need to stick to a training plan and follow these tips...

#1 Run Often To Train For Your First 10K - Aim for 3 times a week with 2 short runs midweek and a longer run at the weekend.

#2 Go Longer And Try Tempo Runs

Every weekend up the distance of your long run by 0.5 to 1 mile. Try a tempo run where your run 3 miles at your target 10K pace.

#3 Add Speedwork

Fartlek is a good introduction to speedwork for beginner runners. You run to feel alternating fast and slow sessions.

#4 Strength Train

Add some bodyweight exercises to your training schedule. Makes you a stronger runner and guards against injuries.

#5 Cross Training

Mix things up with cross training. Try cycling, swimming or any sport you enjoy!

Set your race pace and stick to it. Be a little cautious and make sure you don't set off too fast. You can always speed up in the second half of the race.

#6 Make A Race Plan

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