20 Tips For Running Your First 10K

Follow these tips to successfully train for your first 10K. Get to the start line injury-free and ready to enjoy the race!

#1 Run often - aim for three times a week with two 30-minute runs on weekdays (say Tuesday and Thursday) and one longer run at weekends.

#2 Try tempo runs where you run 3 miles at your target 10K race pace. Gradually increase the length of your weekly long run.

#3 Speed Work Add fartlek sessions to your training runs. It's a type of speed training that alternates periods of fast running and easy effort.

#4 Strength Train

It's one of the most important things you can do as a new runner. It’s a way for guarding your body against injury.

#5 Cross Train

Cycling and swimming mix well with running training and give your running muscles a rest.

Plan your race and have a strategy. Decide what pace you want to run and stick to it.

#6 Make A Race Plan

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