15 Best Supplements For Endurance Runners (To Boost Performance)

Let’s face it, as runners, we’re always looking for ways to boost our performance. That magic fix to help us shave minutes off our marathon time or get us around the latest ultra running challenge.

The good news is some of these dietary supplements for your long run are already sitting in your store cupboard. Read on to save your pennies.

Pre-Running Supplements

Before you head out for a long run, there are a few supplements you can add to your daily diet to boost your performance.


This is the big one! Caffeine has been shown to improve endurance performance, especially in longer races by 2-4%.

Nitrates are found in leafy green vegetables, beetroot juice, and some processed meats.



It’s important to have antioxidants, (vitamin C, vitamin E, and flavonoids), in your system to neutralize the free radicals, preventing short and long-term damage.

Iron is another mineral that’s often depleted in athletes, especially runners. It’s important for transporting oxygen around your body and can cause fatigue if you’re deficient.


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