12 Cheap Vegan Meal Prep Recipes On A Budget

Meal prepping is a great way to save money – combine it with eating vegan food and you’ll be amazed by how much money you can save on your weekly food bills.

It's also super healthy - hit your weight loss targets and stay fit by prepping meals in advance.

Save Money By Using Seasonal Produce

Fresh fruit and veg can be expensive - a work around is planning your recipes using seasonal produce or using frozen fruit and vegetables.

Tasty and delicious, this chili is super versatile. Eat it as is with some vegan sour cream, or serve over cooked brown rice.

These quinoa bowls are so easy to make. You can rustle up 5 days’ worth of protein-packed, healthy tasty meals in less than 20 mins!

Chickpea bowls are one of my favorite vegan meal prep recipes. They’re filling, nutritious and you can customize them however you want!

Everyone loves meatballs! These vegan meatballs are made with tempeh. It’s a plant-based protein -  cheap to buy, packed with protein, and makes a delicious vegan meatball!

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