11 Easy Ways To Make Running More Fun

Yes running can really be enjoyable! These easy ways to make running more fun will help make your runs the best time of your day. Start looking forward to lacing up those trainers...

Running is one of those activities EVERYBODY hates when they first start. It can be really hard. Impossible to breathe, your body aches, and the hills feel like torture.

Most new runners try and run too fast - SLOW DOWN. Most of your runs should be at an easy pace where you're able to hold a conversation.

#1 - Slow Down

#2 Find A Great Running Route

Seek out some local routes you find uplifting. Ones with a  positive vibe. Tune into your surroundings and be inspired by the places where you run.

Run with a friend or join a running group. Other people will inspire you and hold you accountable - they'll be waiting for you to show up and run!

#3 Run With Friends

#4 Set A Target

Targets make all the difference. It could be a fitness goal, a race or a charity event. Find a target that challenges you but one you can realistically achieve with the right training.

Head out for a run with no plans and see where you end up. Follow your nose and run down that path you’ve never been down before.

#5 Make Your Run An Adventure

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