10 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism (That Really Work)

I have a borderline thyroid condition. It’s underactive, (hypothyroidism), and not bad enough to require treatment. That doesn’t stop me from blaming my metabolism whenever I put on weight.

I’d love to blame my metabolism. Who doesn’t want a quick fix? So I’ve pulled together 10 ways you can give your metabolism a boost that really helps with weight loss.

Crash diets or significantly restricting your food intake will significantly slow down your metabolism. It’s a bit like animals hibernating.

Ditch The Diets

Build Muscle

You don’t need big bulky muscles, just increasing your muscle mass slightly will give your metabolism a boost!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), will significantly boost your metabolism for several hours after your workout.

Add High-Intensity

Move More

Sitting all day has been dubbed as the “new smoking” in terms of being bad for your health. It’s bad for your back and not moving means you burn fewer calories.

There’s some evidence that failing to get a good night’s sleep will slow down your metabolism.

Sleep Well

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