10 Reasons To Love Trail Running

Trail running is an excellent way to destress, get in shape, make new friends and seek adventure...

#1 Getting out in the fresh air just makes you feel so good! Instead of pounding the pavements and breathing in car fumes - trail running is so much better!

#2 It's an excuse to be muddy - really muddy! There’s just something so wonderful about getting splattered with mud. And cleaning up after your run!

#3 It's kinder on the joints. Soft surfaces mean you can run further and recover faster.

#4 You Get To Climb Hills

Not everyone will find this fun but the views are worth it. And you get a big glow of satisfaction when you make it to the top!.

#5 It Just Makes You Happier

Just look at the views! How can you not be happy running on the trails!

Do you have a boring desk job? Who cares - at the weekends you could be out exploring. Trail running is enough adventure for anyone!

#6 It's An Adventure!

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