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Find A Purpose (And Stop Sweating The Small Stuff)

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the minutiae of life. Our senses are bombarded constantly by lifestyles full of massive amounts of information. We flit from one activity to the next, sweating the small stuff, with little thought of why we’re doing things. With no mindfulness or purpose or sense of healthy living.

You could just say “Well that’s modern life”. Or you could try to put your day-to-day life into context. What’s your bigger picture?

stop sweating the small stuff

Find A Purpose

This doesn’t mean you need to dedicate your life to God and head off to Africa to fix the next ebola outbreak. I will applaud you if you do, but if your aim is more self-serving that’s okay.

Loving life is about finding what’s right for you. Your purpose is for your eyes only.

An internal mission statement. A little reminder that some of the day-to-day stuff doesn’t really matter. It’s just a step along your journey.

Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Measure yourself against your purpose, “How you’re doing”, “What you’re doing”, and “Where you’re heading”. This is what really matters in life, your chosen purpose.

Become mindful of how you’re living through every day and those pesky little things cease to be important. Stop trying to be perfect!

Sweating the small stuff is self-sabotaging behavior. You’re finding reasons to avoid getting things done. Ways of avoiding taking risks!

Life is what you make of it and it can be over far too quickly. Lost in trivia with little purpose. These procrastination quotes may inspire you to get on with your life.

Think about your lifestyle, what you do every day. How much of it really matters? How much is just going through the motions? A year from now will you look back and be able to say “Yeah I really made that day count?”

I’m not going to share my own purpose in life with you, that’s for my eyes only. Dedicating your life to something and having a purpose can make day-to-day stuff so much easier.

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Finding your purpose in life and dedicating your life to something just makes the day-to-day stuff so much easier. Find your internal mission statement. #mindfulness #beingpositive #overthinking
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