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Loving Life (Start With These 7 Positive Steps)

Feeling stuck? Life hasn’t turned out the way you expected? Somehow along the way you stopped loving life. All those hopeful beginnings lost in a sea of work, financial problems, or bad relationships?

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we stop loving life because of underlying mental health issues but often it’s from neglecting self-care and shying away from fixing the serious stuff.

The problems we don’t want to face up to being pushed to one side. Not forgotten about just stuffed into a corner of our brain with a red flag saying “Don’t go there!”

We work all hours to support families, pay off mortgages and save up for our retirement – meanwhile forgetting to enjoy life along the way. Chasing a golden dream that on some distant day in the future we’ll have everything we could possibly want.

It’s okay to work hard but you still need to make time for the important stuff; healthy living, self-care, fitness, friendship, and fun. Follow these seven positive steps to rediscover loving life.

positive steps for loving life

Deal With The Issues That Make You Unhappy

It’s time to stop hiding from your problems. You know the ones. The issues that keep you awake at night, that make you feel anxious. As if someone’s sitting on your chest.

Hiding from your problems, pretending they don’t exist, won’t make them go away. You can choose to spend all your life with these issues, being permanently miserable, or face them head-on.

Whatever your problem, it’s time to unburden yourself. Get some help. It could be from friends and family or trained helpers in support networks.

This is just some of the help that’s out there:

Also look out for local groups, such as your church. Just don’t feel you need to deal with big issues on your own. You can’t start loving life with a big black cloud hanging over your head.

Move forward with your life. Even the toughest decisions can be worked through. You’ll come out the other end feeling so much better.

Start Loving Life By Changing Your Mindset

Think the power of positive thinking is just a gimmick? Think again. It’s a powerful tool for stress management.

Being optimistic is good for your health and well-being. Approaching difficult situations in a positive upbeat way makes them less unpleasant and more manageable.

If you’re not a natural optimist, don’t worry. Positive thinking is something you can learn.

Most of it stems from self-talk. That endless stream of noise running through your head.

Left unchecked, these unspoken thoughts can often turn negative, magnifying your fears and putting a negative spin on reality.

Positive thinking is learning to control your thoughts.

Start by checking in on yourself every day. Can you spin your negative thoughts into positive ones?

Make sure your positive outlook extends to how you view yourself. Often a negative mindset is wrapped up in self-loathing.

Are you being harsh on yourself, saying things about yourself that you would never say to other people? Do you indulge in self-sabotaging behavior?

Take time to give yourself some self-love. Make affirmation statements to yourself in the mirror every morning. Leave little notes to yourself around the house full of positive thoughts.

If the negativity comes from the people you’re surrounded by, try and seek out positive people. It’s okay to see less of friends and family who constantly put you down.

I’ve used positive thinking to climb dangerous mountains. It works. I’m scared of heights but giving myself a pep talk gets me through difficult situations.

Think positive – you’ve got this.

Let Go Of Perfection

Reaching for perfection is exhausting and draining. It may be essential for winning Olympic gold medals, but for most of us, the search for perfection just holds us back.

You can spend all your life aiming for the perfect figure and forget to have any fun along the way. Chasing the perfect job and failing to realize you actually love the one you’ve got.

Perfection is elusive. Leave it for the staged fake images on Instagram.

When I moved into my cozy new house everything was shiny clean and perfect. I wanted to keep it that way.

Instead of having fun walking in the beautiful Lake District fells, I was spending my time keeping my home spotless.

Fortunately, I snapped out of this mindset pretty quickly. My home is still lovely but it’s not perfect.

There are muddy shoes by the back door and a growing number of marks from bikes and gear rubbing on paintwork. One day they’ll get painted over but there’s no rush.

By all means, give life your best shot but make sure you’re loving life along the way.

Prioritize For A Life You Love

No one ever got to the end of life’s journey and said “I wish I’d spent more time working”. Yet it’s all too easy to let work become all-consuming.

Stop and evaluate your workload. How much of it is really essential?

Tackle the essential tasks first instead of wading through your entire inbox. Better still, sort out your inbox into “High Priority”, “Still Important”, and “If I Get Time”. Anything you really don’t need to do should be filed in the bin.

If you work for someone else and don’t have control over your workload, talk to your boss about it. Getting burnt out and stressed isn’t good for anyone. Find out if your workload can be shared with other colleagues.

I know from experience what it’s like to be too proud to ask for help. To end up close to break down because you’re working all the hours under the sun.

Make self-care your top priority. Exercise, eat better, and get a good night’s sleep. If your company won’t support you, you’re in the wrong job. If you work for yourself, you still need to look after yourself.

Take regular breaks during the day. It will help you work more effectively. Make sure at least one day a week, preferably two is a no-work day. Switch off your phone if you can and definitely don’t check your emails.

Plan Your Fun Time

It’s easy when you’re busy with work or other commitments to forget about your downtime. Ending up with nothing to do and nowhere to go in your precious time off.

Start treating your time off as a precious resource. Not something to be fritted away binge-watching old episodes of Friends or catching up on sleep.

Try and do something fun every day no matter how small and make a plan for your precious time off. Remember you deserve to enjoy yourself.

Whatever your other commitments: work, caring for elderly relatives, looking after small children, you still need some time for yourself. Plan your days around it.

Stay In The Present

Are you a dreamer? Always thinking your life will be so much better when you make more money, find the perfect job, get swept off your feet by Prince Charming, lose weight, get fit or win the lottery.

What about the present?

Sometimes we spend too much time chasing things that may never happen and forget to enjoy the journey. Try loving the life you have right now. It could be better than you give it credit.

Instead of dreaming about the perfect home, redecorate your bedroom.

Instead of wishing you had the perfect figure, do something that makes you feel better about yourself. Find a sport or exercise session you enjoy and make some small improvements to your diet.

Rather than be switched off in a dead-end job, try making the most of it. It could be better than you think. Or doing the job well could lead to a promotion.

Re-evaluate the present and make the most of it. You could find it opens up lots of opportunities. Spending time working on mindfulness can help.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Trivial fears and worries can easily become overwhelming. Take a break and make time to think about what’s really important in life. Try to stop sweating the small stuff and concentrate on living instead.

Often it’s never the things you worry about that cause the biggest upsets in life. The big events in your life will come out of the blue.

They’ll be completely unpredictable and not all of them will be bad. Sometimes they are just times of change that help you grow as a person.

The big events in your life will put all the trivia into perspective. Overthinking everything in your life just stops you from living. Learn to take small risks. So much of the things we worry about really don’t matter.

So what if you’ve just had a bad haircut, lost your wallet or your car broke down two blocks from home. These things can all be fixed.

Loving Life – You Only Get One Shot

You only get one shot at loving life so make sure it counts. Don’t waste your time in this big, beautiful world chasing dreams. Start loving life now!

Small positive changes can make a huge difference. Sometimes it’s our mental state that makes us feel stressed and overworked and the fix can be quite simple. Try out these positive steps – I’d love to know how you get on…

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Buried in work and stressed out to the max, it's time to make a few life changes. Follow these seven steps to rediscover your love for life.#beingpositive #howtobepositive #mindfulness
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Loving Life – Frequently Asked Questions

How to love life?

1. Deal with the issues that make you unhappy. 2. Train yourself to think positively. 3. Let go of perfection. 4. Prioritize the important stuff. 5. Plan your fun time. 6. Focus on the present. 7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.