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6 Fitness Trends (From Interval Training To Wearable Technology)

Just in case you haven’t got your finger on the pulse when it comes to US fitness trends, SoulCycle is the New York based fitness company that’s loved by celebrities.

Established in the US and Canada with more than 90 studios, SoulCycle has just opened in London, its first location outside North America. As suckers for most US fitness trends over here in the UK, I’m sure its mix of high-octane spinning with hand weights and motivational chants, will go down a storm.

It seems a good time to look at the fitness trends coming your way right now…

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Wellness Festivals

Live bands, mud splattered wellies and drunken raving is so yesterday for your fitness enthusiast. Wellness festivals combine the excitement of big events with the opportunity to top up your fitness levels.

Take on yoga, trail runs, and even paddle boarding at LoveFit or head to Sweatlife for HIIT sessions and sweaty spinning. It’s a long way from your classic yoga retreat and a fun way to motivate yourself to exercise.

Back To Basics

The increasing popularity of HIIT, (high-intensity interval training) and its effectiveness for speedy weight loss, has seen a big rise in treadmill-focused classes.

Combining treadmill sprints with weight training is billed to be the next big fitness trend. (Move over SoulCycle). These classes are built around the “we’re all in it together” vibe. The sessions build strength and endurance, working for both newbie runners and experienced athletes.

Fitness Streaming

Never mind Netflix, we’re all streaming fitness sessions. Subscription-based services are rapidly increasing in popularity. Fitness streaming solves the problem of busy lifestyles – it’s one way to never miss a class.

Wearable Technology

Gadget love is dominating the fitness sector. The more we work out – the more we want to analyze our activity. From heart rate sensors to fitness trackers and sports watches, you can measure every step of your fitness journey.

Bodyweight Exercises

A little reminiscent of PE classes at school, bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and lunges are back on trend, taking over from barbells and gym machines. As any good yogi can tell you, bodyweight is more than adequate for building strength.

Yoga And More Yoga

Yes, yoga is still huge and continues to grow in popularity. When even your Gran’s heard of mindfulness, you know yoga’s gone mainstream. Read my 47 Tips, How To Get Fit for more yoga and fitness inspiration.

Will you be heading to a wellness festival, buying gadgets, or mixing up your training with some fast-paced treadmill sessions? Spill the beans…

From interval training to wearable technology, it seems a good time to look at the fitness trends coming your way right now...#fitnesstrends #fitness
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