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9 Adventurous Ideas (To Make Everyday Count)

Start making room in your life for an outdoor lifestyle with these nine adventurous ideas. How many can you tick this year?

adventurous ideas

Try Pot Holing

It’s not all about crawling around in the mud on your hand and knees, the Porth-yr-Ogof system in South Wales caters to all ages and abilities. Experience some of the best limestone caving in Northern Europe in the safe hands of Adventure Britain. Tight crawls and sumps are optional.

Climb The Ben

The highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis, may be dwarfed by peaks in the Alps at a mere 1,345 m, but the climb up is from sea level. On a good day, you’re rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. Take warm clothing – even in summer, the weather can change instantly.

Take Up Kayaking

Kayaking can be as gentle or adventurous as you want to make it. Drift lazily down the Dordogne river in France or sign up for a sea kayaking adventure in Norway. It’s a great way of toning the upper body!

Scale The Heights

If you’re afraid of heights look away. Via Ferrata accesses steep mountain routes using iron cables, steps, and ladders. Not for the faint-hearted!

Go Off-Road

Mountain biking may be more strenuous than road cycling, but it’s a wonderful way of avoiding traffic. Learn to love mud and breathe in the fresh air away from those diesel fumes.

Time For A Dip

Swimming in open water is full of adventure. One minute you’re battling to swim in a straight line, the next you’re distracted by a school of dolphins. Top tip: try and avoid jellyfish!

Hit The Trails

Trail running continues to be a growing sport. Running on soft terrain is kinder on your legs and the mountain scenery is so much better than clocking up miles on the tarmac. Watch out – this sport is addictive!

Soar Like A Bird

You don’t need any experience (or fitness) to try paragliding in tandem with a qualified instructor. Acquaint yourself with the thrilling sensation of soaring like a bird. You won’t want to return to earth…

Escape To The Wild

Nothing quite beats wild camping for getting back in touch with nature. It’s the perfect antidote to our busy lives. De-stress and answer the call of the wild!

Step out of your comfort zone and take up something new this year. One of these adventurous ideas could easily become your “best thing”. You won’t know until you try! Let me know how you get on…

adventure ideas
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Saturday 18th of May 2019

What about experiencing a totally alien culture? Try S E Asia for that.


Saturday 18th of May 2019

Yes travel is always adventurous! Especially to Asia. Love it!